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Why Firing Range May be the Next Zombie Map

Many of us Nazi Zombie players have been wondering what the next zombie DLC map will bring us, or what it’ll be like. Some of us find easter eggs that hint to the next map, but we can trust that all of the zombie maps are inspired by multiplayer maps. (You can look up a list; every single zombie map has a multiplayer equivalent, including Verruckt and Der Reise, much to some people’s surprise.) But a lot of us have discovered some exciting easter eggs hinting that Firing Range, a multiplayer map (not a DLC map), may be our next zombie map!

Firstly, on Firing Range you can find several Pack-a-Punch machine flags scattered around the map. Additionally, there’s a rather threatening looking sign right outside the map’s playable boundaries calling the area the “quarantine.” There’s also a sign or drapery of some sort in the bathrooms that reads the same thing. Also, the bullets on the top of one of the buildings reads TANK DEMPSEY on them. As many of us know, Tank Dempsey is a character you can play as in Zombies. (Exception of the zombie map “Five,” which once was to be a multiplayer map but instead ended up being a zombie map.) Last but not least, there’s a teddy bear (a literally bloody one, if I can recall correctly) on top of the ceiling beams inside the second story of the blue building. What do these signs mean? Guess we’ll have to wait until the next DLC is released!

What do you guys think about this? If it isn’t Firing Range, I’m placing my bets on the zombie map being on an island with a lighthouse.